About the Website

The SQM productions themselves were the principal publications of the research-creation project but these were witnessed by a relatively small number of scholars and graduate students. All theatre historians have had cause to bemoan the ephemeral nature of theatre but thanks to video recording and the internet we are now able to preserve our work and make it accessible to a much wider audience. Admittedly video recording can be a poor substitute for the live experience of plays but we hope the rough, documentary videos we have created will give the user a sense of the plays as they worked on the stage. The videos and other records of the performances can be found in the Production Resources section.

In addition to the publication of our production records, the Performing the Queen’s Men website is designed to give insight into our research-creation process. The five modules in the Performance Research section allow the user to explore the production decisions of the SQM company and their relationship to early modern theatre history and modern performance practice.  These modules are all interactive: taking the user through the company’s decision-making processes, teaching the user specific production techniques, or allowing the user to explore issues raised by the project according to their own interests and needs. For the most part, we have stopped short of drawing firm conclusions from our experience preferring to allow the records of our work to be the object of others’ analysis.

The website focuses principally on the Queen’s Men, early modern theatre practice and the SQM productions but invites comparison between the plays and Shakespeare’s adaptations in the Production Resources video section.